Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Different is God's design; it's the reason why I SHOUT!

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     Sunday I went to church with my sweet oldest son. He's 27 and is Autistic, very high-functioning, but Autistic.  It was an unusual service; the preacher was away and so the service consisted of testimonies and hymn requests.  As we sat in the congregation, my son leaned into me and said, "Mommy, I have a testimony."  And I must admit that this made me uncomfortable, so I responded, "Baby, please, let's not testify; let's just enjoy the service."  But the person leading the service knew me and my son and her warm smile kept shining our way, which, I guess, encouraged my son to motion for the microphone.  Before I knew it, he was standing with the mic in hand, and I was nervous as heck, wondering, oh lord, what is my child about to say.

     "I want to wish all the mothers a belated Mother's Day," he said in a quiet but clear voice.  There were oohs and ahhs of approval from the congregation.  I quickly stood to my feet and whispered to him that "Mother's Day hadn't come yet."  He just smiled and said, "That's okay."  I then said that this is my precious son and if he has a testimony, then surely I must share mine, for he is my angel. He loved this.

      I shared that he was Autistic -- he's always okay with me sharing this -- and that coming to terms with his disability was one of the most difficult things I'd ever done, as I'd planned on continuing with my nice neat little world:  A UCLA grad, who had fallen in love with her college sweetheart, a UCLA basketball player, I had plans of having the perfect little house with the perfect picket fence and two perfect children.  I know I sound old fashion and out-dated, but having a family was the most important thing to me.  So when I was told that my son had special needs and would require extra support and care his entire life, I was not prepared. 

      After that initial diagnosis, my husband and I spent many years taking my son to every specialist that we could find with the hopes of ultimately finding that special one who would tell us that the other 100 had it all wrong: My baby boy was just fine.  Instead he was diagnosed with every thing under the sun, from mental retardation to turets syndrome to attention deficit disorder with many diagnosis in between. 

      We didn't ever find that special doctor who would say that he was just fine.  But what I discovered was even better.  Feeling depressed, exhausted, and defeated while caring for three (3) little boys, one of whom had special needs, I went down on my knees and had a serious talk with God.  What I learned, while on my knees, in the very deepest crevices of my heart, is that God is the ultimate judge of a person, their worth, and their journey!  That God creates us all and that being different is a God design!  And all I have to do as the mother of a beautful, special child is:

Shine God's light
Have Hope
Overcome by
Using God's Power &

     God was the last specialist that I consulted.  And, yes, my handsome son is different than most young men:  He's sweeter and taller, and he loves to share with others, as he did on Sunday morning.  I"m so grateful that God gave me a special angel in him.  I"m so glad that I went to the greatest specialist of them all: GOD.  And that He helped me to understand that all I need to do is SHOUT!  Happy Mother's day to all the mothers reading this post.

      If you have a special angel in your life, I'd love to hear about how you learned to SHOUT about your special one!

      Lots of love,

      Meme Kelly

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  1. I have a daughter with special needs. It's always nice to find someone who has shared the journey. Thanks