Friday, February 8, 2013

7 Things to Do When God is Everything to You!

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Seven things you should do when God is everything to you.  He’s your lover, your bank, your job, your transportation, your career, your purpose, your agent, your teacher, your producer, your audience, your attorney, your boss, and your accountant! He’s the judge and jury.  What should you do?
       1.       REJOICE
        2.     Understand that you can't compare yourself to anyone;
        3.       Remain silent for however long it takes to receive His direction and guidance;
        4.       Follow His instructions once received;
        5.       Pray constantly while moving in His divine light;       
       6.     ALWAYS SHOUT (Shine His Light; Have Hope; Overcome; Use His Power; and Testify about His greatness; and
        7.       Enjoy life.  Breathe.  Dance to and Say What you Have to Say!!! 
 Enjoy a trailer of Voices of the Un-Heard and it's theme song, Say What You Have  to Say:

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