Friday, March 9, 2012

I am so grateful for you!

                When you write from your heart without an outline, an agenda, and an editor, you make mistakes and forget stuff.  In my last piece, when I wrote about the things that bring me joy, I left out my friends and other important people.  I was so upset when I realized this, although the piece would have been too dang long once I started SHOUTN out at folks.

           But what I want you to understand is that when you smile when entering a room and leave negative vibes behind, you make plenty of friends. God ushers in angels, in big and small ways, to walk by your side. In these busy times, mostly it’s in simple ways: Sharing a meal, a cup of coffee, a dance, a phone call, a facebook message, an email, and a fun time, each encounter pumping love through your veins.  The Hollywood Film Director, Tom Shadyac, who I wrote about in my last piece, concluded at the end of his documentary, I Am, that there is more right with the world than wrong, and I agree.  Although there’s lots of room to improve the human condition, and we’re damn near in crisis, still, the journey is pretty darn sweet.  Thank you, Jesus! 
           Here’s to all the angels and walking partners who have been by my side over the years.  At the top, are my spiritual fathers in Los Angeles who have caused me to SHOUT in the last 35 years:  Bishop Charles Blake, Bishop Kenneth Ulmer, the late Reverend Kilgore at Second Baptist, Reverend Michael Beckwith, and my new local church family:  Pastor Garth at SOUMC.  Thank you for Blue, my new puppy love.  My neighbor and sister, Nicole. I love you, girl.  MaryAnn, on the other side, thanks for leaving those oranges from your tree on my porch last night. Friends, Sondra, Simone, Jerrolyn, Gail, Laweeda, Lori, Kim, and Ceci.   Micaal, don't make me worry about you!  My friends who always accept my last minute invitations to party and gather. My bay area running dogs, Sharon, Willie, Raychelle, and Willie.   My sorors of Delta Sigma Theta, all of you.  All the sweet educators, teachers, and friends that I met while teaching for LAUSD.  The attorneys who now make it possible for me to have every material thing that I need because you contract my services, I thank God for you.  My buddies from UCLA!!!  Go Bruins. John Caldwell, God has His arms around you.  All the folks who keep me dancing, kicking, lifting, pumping it up – from the Blakes family – all y’all:)-- to George, the personal trainer who made me the skinniest, and my new folks at 24 hr fitness, especially Janae, my spin teacher, and the instructors in the Dance with Me classes.  My High School chums who I partied with last weekend, and are still holding it down in the Bay Area and Los Angeles.  The Detroit ones, I still love you too.  My fellow writers, especially the brilliant playwrights that I’m hanging out with at UCLA that have me so pumped up that I can’t stop writing and going to see plays.  April, you're special.  My Editor for the eBook series, Ms. Carol.  My Facebook friends, especially those of you who like my comments and are reading this, I love you in cyperspace.  All the friends who, over the years, were kind to my three sons – taking them on trips, showing up at games, and acknowledging their accomplishments. I’m so grateful for you and will never forget your kindness and open heart; it takes a village to raise a child.  Thank You. My family from the West to the Midwest to the South, I know your arms are always wide open!  Forgive me for not rushing into them more often.  I love you.  My niece, Ms. Sydney G, you are, simply, a star. Aunty has decided! Her dad, my big head baby brother, Jonathan, I love you and am waiting on your call today.  My other niece, Melody.  Your name says it all.  And the late Dr. Georgia Mae, our Mama, and Bigmama, we know you both are watching over us from heaven.  We miss you.

Keep leading with your heart, y'all.  Love you all!   


PS: Please overlook any mistakes, these posts are not being edited right now, and when I read it too many times it takes the joy out of the process.  I’m leading with my heart!

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  1. I'm so inspired and truly grateful for you, Meme!