Tuesday, March 13, 2012

No one can hurt you!

Southern Belle speaks cause she has to, writes too, and it ain’t always with them symbols that real writers use.  Think of a grasshopper. Zipping and hopping along. Sometimes it springs forth, sometimes it crawls.    

To inspire YOU to believe!  All you got to do is believe in YOURSELF and HIM. 

This past Sunday I hopped into a pew at West Angeles just as Bishop Blake was saying, ‘Stop telling folks who don’t love you, your innermost fears, cause they’ll use it against you."  He said a lot more important stuff,  but now I’m thinkin on this and some things that happen to me.  Maybe that’s why that man charged me so much for a cup of water after I told him I'd just crossed the desert in the heat of the sun.  Or maybe that’s why she was grinning and driving around with him in that convertible after I told her he tried to kill my Mama.  I’m thinkin bout these things, but I’m not wondering who they really be cause I’m busy.  I’m waving my hands over the fire after his touch froze my fingers as he was handing me the water  And waiting for the doctor. He said it would take 100 stitches to close up that hole punctured in my side when she hugged me after getting out that convertible.  Seems she had something sharp in her pocket. 

Now don’t you go getting sad and down in the dumps.  Don’t you be worrying about me.  I’m getting sewed up and the feelings in my hands are coming back. All you need to do is read Romans 8:31:

            What then shall we say to these things?  If God is for us, who can be against us?
Stay inspired and lead with you heart.  God’s got your back, always!  

Keep on dancing and smiling and praying. I'm so glad I hopped into that church pew on Sunday.

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