Thursday, April 26, 2012

Excerpt from Praise: Lessons of Faith in Tough Times, an eBook by Meme Kelly
             It’s simple: God is the creator of this universe and his command created all. Jesus was his son and the most divine expression of God to ever walk the earth.  We must believe in God and his son, Jesus. We must believe in His word in the Bible, and then with our belief, we must ask for what we want.  You must ask, and believe, to receive. 

                        Ask, and you will receive.
                        Search and you and will find
                        Knock, and the door will be opened for you.
                       Everyone who asks will receive.
                       Everyone who searches will find.
                       And the door will be opened for
                       everyone who knocks.
                       Would any of you give your hungry child a     
                       stone, if the child asked for some bread.
                       Would you give your child a snake if the child
                       asked for a fish?
                       As bad as you are, you still know how to give   
                       good gifts to your children.
                       But your heavenly Father is even more ready to
                       give good things to people who ask.
                       Matthew 7:7-12

          My advice is to spend a lot of time clarifying what you really want, then make sure that it is aligned with God’s will for your life.  Then in prayer ask God to give you what you desire.  Spend a lot of time seeking his guidance on the journey, and he’ll open doors and give you just what you need. 

        Over the years, the scriptures in this book have nourished my faith when I needed to believe that the power inside of me could handle anything.  In the good times, when I hunger for spiritual food, I reach for the scriptures in this book.  In the bad times, blinded by fears, these scriptures shine the light that leads me out of the darkness. Can you tell I’m excited about this book?  Finally, I can reach for PRAISE! Lessons in Faith for Tough Times, when the circumstances in my life seem too much to bear and I need to be reminded that when I unleash faith I will find a way. 

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An Hour of Power won't be anything fancy or complicated, just a fun hour where I'll read from the book, play some good music, we'll chat, you can share if you like, and we'll toast ourselves for keeping the Faith in good and bad times!  I hope you will come. 



  1. Today on FB, one of my FB friends posted Matthew 7:7 as her status. Sitting at my computer this morning and reading those words were a beacon for me. I did just that. I asked, knowing with certainty that I shall receive (if not today, give me the patience for tomorrow). I sought with the confidence that it shall be found. I knocked, and heard the welcoming sound of a door opening in my heart. Alleluia! Thank you, Meme for this post, now here at day's end. I feel like it is God's message...just for me. Just right now. Just when I needed it.

  2. I responded to this already. Probably in the wrong place. The internet, this blog, is a bit much. I love you and Jesus loves you so... All is well. Believe that, girly.