Thursday, April 26, 2012

Simple I am! Enjoy the post below, An Excerpt from Praise! Lessons of Faith for Tough Times, an eBook

I’m a minimalist.  I love simple designs, simple stories, simple living, simple people, simple understanding of things, and a simple solution to a problem.  I believe my faith is simple; it originated when I was a little girl in Tennessee and belting out, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.”  I’ve held onto to it in complicated settings, especially here in Los Angeles, while dealing with complicated people and complicated situations.  But most times it’s a simple verse, a simple sermon, a simple act of kindness, a clear melody of a song like Anointed (see post below) that reminds me that God is in control of this world and all the complicated folks and things.

 I got my religion from uncomplicated folks, my Bigmama, my Mama, and their friends (doctors, lawyers, teachers, educators, and domestic workers) who lived on purpose and talked about Jesus and His power like He was a good friend to be called on and leaned on.  He lived next door.  My eBooks are simple, nothing exceptional, but written during the height of the great recession when I was, simply, calling on “Jesus” to make it another day.  I was getting on my knees to make sure that I made it through.  I know there are millions of books, some written by folks who are much more important than I, some filled with great prose.  I love a good book.

But today I’m, humbly, sharing a few pages and paragraphs, of my sweet, simple eBook, Praise:  Lessons of Faith for Tough Times. You can read the whole darn thing on your computer in 40 minutes.  SimpleJ  While writing it, I was in one of the most difficult times I’ve experienced as an adult.  I needed somebody.  And with my Bigmama and Mama gone, I called on Jesus, and begged Him to just climb in bed with me to give me comfort.  He did.  Then with the comfort and grace and peace that comes from having Jesus’ arms wrapped around you all night long, I sat down and wrote.   I hope you enjoy reading parts of Praise!

PS:  Simple, I think that’s why having a life without periods (see post below) appeals to me so.  LOL!


  1. Meme, I loved Praise: Lessons of Faith for Tough Times. It was a fast, yet very inspiring read. The stories were very enjoyable. Thanks