Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stand Your Ground!

I find that I get most tired and weary when I'm not trusting God, worrying about stuff, and trying to figure out how I'm going to fix everything!  But when I let go, trust God, and allign myself with my purpose of using words to inspire and entertain others, then my weariness decreases and my energy explodes in a positive, purposeful way.  When I accept that I can do absolutely nothing without his instruction and give myself and all my busy-ness over to Him, then the calm and peace returns. 

Yesterday was a great day. I was inspired, filled with Hope, and busy as heck, but I did not have my morning prayer and meditation time.  So although at the end of the day, I had accomplished a ton and was dead tired from doing, I didn't feel peaceful because I knew I had not been completely guided by God!  Even when away from home, I must carve out some morning prayer, reflection, and journal time.

After you've figured out your reason for being on this planet, you should stand your ground in your purpose by doing what He's asked you to do.  Then keep going back to Him every second of each day for guidance and instructions.  Be like John, God's disciple, and state: 
                  "I can do nothing on my own authority; I judge only as God tells me,
                  so my jusdgement is right, because I am not trying to do what I want,
                  but only what he who sent me wants."
                  John 5:30

Stand Your Ground in who You are in Christ, and He will guide you!  Stay Inspired!


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