Wednesday, May 9, 2012



                                                                      LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

     It was spring time over three decades ago when I looked across my dorm cafeteria and saw a tall, dark, and handsome man eating breakfast alone. It was early morning, and I’d come down to grab a bite to eat before my 8 a.m., class. It was a warm, sunny Los Angeles morning, and I was fashionably dressed in my size 8 yellow floral sundress dress and springy, platform sandals, when I caught a glimpse of the ‘6 3’ UCLA basketball player that I had never seen before eating alone. I asked if I could join him. He said, “Yes.” We talked and then we walked down the long winding sidewalk that parallels Sunset Blvd. He walked me across campus to class. By the time we got to the lecture hall, he’d asked me out on our first date to dinner and a movie on Friday night at 7.

     And so begin my 35 years of lessons in love! Three grown sons later, we have endured, preserved, and loved. We have laughed and cried, together, about life, death, betrayal, loss, disappointment, heartbreak, and success. Sometimes we’ve had incredible fun, sometimes life is a series of quiet evenings and nights, and sometimes it’s not been so terrific! But, through it all, I’ve learned that the most important relationship that I can ever have is with myself and God, from which all love flows. I’ve learned to fill myself up and touch a divine blissful state so that love oozes from me onto everybody and thing that I encounter. I’ve learned that I get what I give, and that’s why I had to kick the rejection demon out of my heart, mind, and soul yesterday.
     He’s learned to do the same thing, I believe, but mostly through the delicious food he prepares for us. That's the thing about love, you have to accept it as it is!  Last night there was a lot of ‘lovin’ going on over here after I kicked the Rejection Demon Out!  My hubby was feelin me, I guess, but I don’t even really know if he read my post.  Probably not.  Unlike me, he’s a man of few words, as he says, “What’s there to say, except I love You.” 

      I think he’s right, especially on evenings like last night when he prepared a delicious dinner of Tangy Avocado Sauce, A Mango and Orange Juice Sauce, Grilled Spicy Salmon, Jasmin Rice, Homemade Chocolate., and Fresh Strawberries.  My job was to dip the Strawberries in the Chocolate and serve my sons and their friends who had stopped by to watch the Laker game.  My job was to Love everyone in the house!  Blue and Tip, our 9 month old Shit-zu-Pekinese puppies, included.  I

      Life happens quickly.  In a flash, I went from searching out the Rejection Demon, a necessary process if one is to love, love, love., to only being filled with love.  See the delicious Avocado sauce that he prepared below.  They ate the grilled salmon so quickly I didn't get a chance to snap a photo.  Enjoy the link to my favorite Barry White song.  As Barry sings and my husband feels, “Sometimes, there are no words to explain what you’re feeling.” 
Stay tune and keep coming back as I try to find words to write about love.
    Enjoy Barry White:    

Meme Kelly
                                                    Delicious Tangy Avocado Sauce

P.S.  I understand that not everyone is married or happily attached.  Still, we must find a loving space in which to exist so that our love fills us up and oozes out on to others.  Puppies, pets, friends, food, exercise, service projects, all come to mind.


  1. Thanks Meme for your light and refreshing take on love. Light and refreshing just like that yummy avocado dish!


  2. Yes, yes, Ceci. Light and refreshing, love your choice of words.