Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Life Without Periods Today, May 8, 2012

Now if i was smart i climb up in a big ole tall chair, a stool with double legs and sit up high and poke my chest out and pretend like if you shot me with a bow and arrow, the arrow would just bounce off my strong chest and that my heart would be shielded by my house and my car and my clothes i wear and the degrees i have and if i was smart i'd pretend like that arrow you shot at me just fell to the ground in little old pieces and i did a tap dance on that sucker, chuckled, and popped a cork on some wine and had myself a party, ain't no arrow gone stop me, especially when i'm sitting up in that tall ole kitchen stool with the double legs, you see me, sitting up high, but truth be told if you cut me with a knife i'm gonna bleed, and i felt that arrow you shot at me and i want to know why u shot it and that's one of the reasons i put my periods in my pocket to see if i just explore without stopping something new will come out of my heart and i will understand, when i pray and breathe and just let it all out, i ain't that smart i guess and it's ok cause i got Jesus and he smart, and that's who i fall on my knees and ask to tell me what's going on and he does and sometimes i just sit on my couch and ask him or when i'm in an elevator going up to the 20th floor or at the gas station, cause i ain't as smart as i pretend to be when i'm sitting in the tall kitchen stool with the double legs, i'm gonna keep climbing down here, cause it's fun down here, and see if i can find out something new, but when i was putting the date on this thing first i wrote 2010 then i wrote 2011, wonder what that means, i wants to move forward

Now u look at my next post i wrote about loving yourself and praying through rejection, i was sitting in a chair, not so tall, but a chair, praying, when i wrote it with periods, it's below, let me know what you think about it and how you doing, whether you sitting in a little bitty chair, you know them kind that they have in kindergarten classes, a regular size one, or a big ole stool with double legs or whether it fluctuates, i want to know where u sittin, or maybe u standing at a podium, or just standing, i don't know

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