Tuesday, June 26, 2012


                                                          LET'S HAVE SOME FUN

      After losing a college friend, I begin encouraging fellow college alumni to have a reunion party.  I think it's a sad sign of the times when people only come together at funerals.  But it's been close to impossible to get folks excited about the idea, which has led me to add to this blog.  I am adding the motto:  Let's have fun.  Not big fancy, red carpet, 5-star chandelier dangling fun -- I'm not in that crowd -- but simple, old fashion and cheap fun:  Kelly House Fun!   I've written a post entitled "Chill-the-Heck-Out" that I can't wait to share when it's ready.   Until then, ask yourself when's the last time you?

      1)  Went for a walk in a park or rode a bicycle
      2)  Played in the sand at the beach
      3)  Had friends over just because
      4)  Gave or attended a party where folks danced on furniture or all night long
      5)  Laughed so hard you started crying
      6)  Talked on the phone with a friend for hours about nothing at all.
      7)   Swam at the beach or in a pool
      8)   Sang out loud.
      9)   Planned a picnic for the one you loved
      10) Popped a bottle of champagne.
      11) Got loose in Vegas
      12) Skipped or jump roped with a kid.
      13) Talked baby talk with a baby
      14) Chased after a puppy/played with a puppy
      15) Been tickled or tickled someone else.
      Bonus:  Dancing anywhere!


   If you haven't done at least 6 of the above in the last month, I would suggest that you're not having enough fun in your life:)!

Stay Inspired and Keep Having Fun,

PS:  I'm happy to finally report that the college reunion party is on!  Yay, party over here:)


  1. as one of those people who came out for the funeral, I'm happy to say I have done one or two things on the list - but only because they didn't require planning or could be done as I prepared for another obligation (i've done 5, 6, 8, ..... oops now i read all the way through and yep, i was feeling my cheerios because i had a few checked off, but not six - ok, i surrender - not enough fun in my life... but at least some fun lol.

    i say that it happens because i'm buried in commitments. mine, my child's and my husbands. fun takes a back seat. I had to miss more than 1/2 a day of work to go to the funeral - that was a choice i made because that friend mattered to me. but not something i could do to go play in the sand.... or i wouldn't have a job to come back to.

    yes my fun quotient must be raised. and i'm looking for ideas how to make that happen. don't forget to add me to the invite when you open the fun house, i'll come and i'll even bring an entree or something!

  2. Your three are good: 5, 6 and 8. You go, girl!

    Seriously, thanks for commenting, Teresa. I love your response. I understand life's commitments and juggling work, kids, and spouses. I'm not independently wealthy, dog gone it, have raised three sons, worked full-time most of their lives, and have been with my hubby for 34 years. I know a thing or two about commitments. But still I think for busy professionals to really stay healthy, emotionally and physically, they must make having fun a top priority, which I would hope includes partying and hanging out with friends, just because. I agree that the best fun is unplanned.

    Interestingly, this past weekend I disappointed others to whom I had made commitments because I had too much on my plate. (I have a post about this topic too, ha-ha, that I’ll put up today.) My oldest son who has special needs needed me and what he needed was for me to be relaxed and have fun with him. We swam together, talked for hours, video-taped each other, and took a long walk. The next day we went to church. And then after church, I received a bad news phone call, a 40 year old family member is losing their battle with cancer and being moved into hospice. Being stunned by this news, I then decided to take a long nap instead of doing all the other things that I had obligated myself to do. I ended my day at a friend’s party. We are in control of prioritizing our lives.

    I was raised by a single professional mother with a Ph.D. Most of her friends were doctors, lawyers, etc., and what I remember most is that they always came together to have a good time. In fact, the surgeon in the group was the best dancer and was always put in the middle of the circle to “get down”. They didn’t take themselves so seriously and they weren’t their work. Maybe it’s just a new day, and I need to get with it. Maybe the facebooking and tweeting 24/7 causes us to take ourselves more seriously. Or maybe I'm just not in the "fun" in crowd. I'm a home-body pretty much.

    In any case, I just counted to see how many on my list I had actually done, probably should have done this before I posted it. At first count,I thought I had failed my own “Fun Test” until I remembered that my son tickled me on Sunday as we were coming out of church. Who Hoo! So i crossed off 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 14, and 15. I also have a bonus one: Dancing! I'll cut up a rug any time I hear some good music:). I should have put dancing on the list.

    Again, thanks so much for commenting and for having fun with me. I love your comment.


    PS: If the Kelly Fun House ever gets the college party started, I’ll be sure to send you an invite. Then we can both cross #4.

  3. Teresa, the party comittee connected yesterday. I'll be posting the e-vite soon. Hope you will come.