Friday, June 8, 2012

Open Spaces needed to Create


     I grew up in the South where there was plenty of open space, both literally and figuratively.  Time to just sit on a front porch and wait for cars to go by, time to talk about nothing in particular to a friend, or time to play may favorite game of Jacks.  There was time in the evenings to play kick ball, while grand parents sat on porches above the street looking on,  and time to chase lightning flies when the sun went down.

     Nothing was hurried and rushed.  Life moved very slowly!  You didn’t concern yourself with what others were doing because there was no Internet, email, twitter, or facebook. You couldn’t worry about what you didn’t know existed.  And when I begin to write in the early 90s, I duplicated the open spaces of my childhood.  I was in England, and the English country side provided lots of rolling green pastors.  I took long car rides with the windows down and just allowed my mind to wonder.  I stayed in castles transformed into quaint bed and breakfast nooks with less than a dozen guests.  When I went into the city of London, I sat quietly in coffee shops, watching and listening to the conversations of others, as I had few friends there.  It was a peaceful time.
    Now, it’s is time for me to write to finish some projects, and I find that I long for open spaces, where my mind can peacefully wonder, not thinking about what anyone in the Universe is doing, except my immediate family and friends, who are, usually, just a phone call away. 

    I love blogging.  I love facebook and twitter.  But although I love the new technology, I find it crowds my mind with too much information and robs me of the solitude and peace needed to create.  So it’s time for me to unplug so that I can move some projects forward and meet my end-of-the year deadline.  If you don’t hear from me for short spells, just know that I’m sitting in an open space.  I am cherishing a quiet and peaceful moment and bursting with new creative passion.   

   I love you and pray that you’ll find plenty of open spaces in your busy world and fill them with peace!

    PS:  You can always reach me by email at  and you can purchase inspirational e-books that I created in a peaceful, quiet time at

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