Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sturdy Book Ends and My Friends!

      At one of my first book signing, I received a set of stone elephant book ends that held the books on display just perfectly.  They were designed in a L shape, wide bottom, and long back to stand on their own.  With these book ends, I didn’t have to worry about books falling all over the place and my display  table was orderly and attractive.

       I now think of my family and friends as my sturdy book ends.  They are solid as a rock, sturdy, standing on their own,  and help me keep all the stuff that life throws my way in order and in perspective.  From death, to job loss, to financial woes, and heart break, having a good friend or family member to turn to can make all the difference.  My guys are always there for me, but I also have wonderful sister-friends in my life.  Today I would like to introduce you to three who have recently enriched my life. 

The Birthday Girl:  Ms. Simone Blake 
We all need a friend who answers, “Yes,” when we’re ready to get out for some girlfriend time, and Simone is my girl.  Simone and I love plays and all things that will make us better women.  She always has a encouraging word and even noticed that I had lost a few pounds when I saw her on our last play date.  I love people who are positive and not afraid to encourage others.  She works for one of the studios in business development but also has a couple of creative pieces that she’s manifesting.  I’m holding her to this! 

Simone celebrates her birthday today, and so I SHOUT,
"Happy Birthday, Simone.   Thank you for rolling with a sister."

The spiritualist: Mrs. Kim Todd-Tullos                 

Ms. Kim is a Lay Person Speaker at United Methodist Church in Sherman Oaks and introduced me to this wonderful jewel of a congregation.  She SHOUTS because God excites her and her enthusiasm is infectious.  I love folks who get excited about life and GOD.   She inspires me to stay fired up!

Recently, Kim introduced me to a new side business she’s sharing with others:  Legal Shield.  It’s a legal  service that will take care of your legal needs with a small monthly fee.   I've work with trial attorneys as a contract litigation paralegal and have provided pro bono and cut-rate services to people in dire need of legal services who can’t afford an attorney, so I believe in this service, especially in these tough economic times.  Check it out here:  MEMBERSHP site is    OPPORTUNITY: California Law Provide is Parker Stanbury, and their site is  Lastly, for education and for folks who want to know some of the historical facts and background:  is a in depth article .  Kim can be reached by email at

The Creator: LaRita "Jazzy Rita" Shelby 
Ms. Jazzy Rita is one of the hardest working women in show business.  She has a new wonderful song, “Mr. President’s Girl,” which is available for  download for just $.99 cents here:  I love this song, have downloaded it to my ipod, and listen to it while working out.  Check out the latest news with Ms. Jazzy Rita at and also at

 She inspires me to continue to work hard to share my creative passion and to, methodically, execute a plan of success.  I'm honored to be the Voice of Inspiration for the "Be A Lady First campaign."

I pray that all of you reading this post have sturdy book ends and that you're enjoying the company of wonderful friends in your life.  Life is short and and the roads can be bumpy, so cherish every moment with friends and family. Stay Inspired!

Sisterly love,



  1. Meme, Kim excites everyone around her with her enthusiasm and love. I am also proud to call her a friend as well as business partner through LegalShield. LegalShield is changing lives through the services as well as the business. I recently was able to retire early from my career as a teacher because of the income stream I am developing with LegalShield. It's such a great feeling to be able to help people by giving them affordable legal access with such a valuable service. Thanks for your support, Meme, in our shared mission to help people.

    1. Kathy, thanks so for your comment. Yes, Kim is a gem. Continued success to you.


  2. I have also had the honor and the privilege to be graced by Kimberly Todd –Tullos infectious enthusiasm about life and God ... I remember when I first meet Kimberly at a networking event I was immediately drawn to her positive attitude and big smile.

    Not only have we've become close friends she help me protect my family with a legal shield membership when I was going through a difficult time. Being a single mom I could never afford calling attorney when I needed legal advice. But when my when my 8 year old became chronically ill a few years ago I was really worried about who was going to take care of my son if something were to happen to me because I knew that in the state of California I knew if something were to happen to son could become a ward of the state and end up in foster care and that’s a chance I did not want to take.

    Kimberly showed me an affordable service called LegalShield. I was able to sign up for a the membership for one flat monthly fee, I was able to get my will done and I continue to have access to legal advice no matter how traumatic or trivial the issue. I am so grateful to Kimberly because my membership has empowered me to live better and enjoy life more.

  3. Michele, what an incredible testimony. Thank you so much for sharing.