Saturday, June 16, 2012

What's Going On?

Let’s stay inspired on this bumpy road of life!

An Email I sent about this season:: 

Goodness what a difference a month can make.  After I lost my buddy John Caldwell, Esq., on May 18th, I went through it!  First I lost all my words and didn’t have anything to say to anybody which led me to write a short post about silence.  Next I got sick with the nastiest flu-bug I’ve had in 10 years which meant I had to climb in bed.  While there, I got the Blues, so I blogged about “Staring Down the Blues.”  After getting up, I still felt weak, out of balance, and needed to be gentle with myself and allow my mind to wonder, so I blogged about "Open Spaces needed to Create."  And, finally, when I was able to say, “I’m back” and truly mean it – I’m not one to fake it-- I blogged about "Sturdy Book Ends and Friends" needed to help me hold it together.  Please enjoy my post directly below about three dear friends in my life.

I hope you will enjoy all the posts mentioned above by clinking on the side tabs. Let’s stay inspired on this bumpy road of life!  Remember that the most powerful three words you
can SHOUT are, "God help me."  His grace, mercy, and provision are all you need.  God will love you through your "good and bad!."  Enjoy the J Moss song Good and Bad.



  1. Meme, I read all the posts and enjoyed them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Renee, you are a sweetheart. Thanks.